We are the Exciting! McGillicuddies


A foot-tapping, entertaining, multi-instrument band that also delights with multi-layered harmonies – that is what has been created in THE EXCITING MCGILLICUDDIES!

Inspired by The Macgillicuddy’s Reeks, a spectacular and windswept mountain range in County Kerry, the name itself invokes the sound of the fiddle, accordion and tin whistle, performing with equal ease traditional tunes (Celtic airs and rhythmic jigs and reels), original songs and, with their fashion sense, showing a ‘truly exceptional eye-catching style’ (Il Globo - Italian Newspaper, May 2017).

Marry this to a band of talented, spirited, experienced musical Australians and you have the perfect combination that ensures a good time is had by all!

The band members are Mick Slocum, the charismatic former member of The Bushwhackers and The Sundowners, Australian bands of renown, supported by master guitarist and vocalist Damian Peck. These seasoned performers are turned into marvellous combination of music and song by violinist and vocalist Elly D’Arcy and the incomparable ‘Il Pirata’ Alessandro Andrew Parise, hurdy gurdy and nyckelhaprpa virtuoso.

And with their energetic stage show The Exciting McGillicuddies are quite comfortable on an intimate club stage, in a pub session or at an international festival.

Thanks to Elly, Alessandro, Damian and Mick the band enjoys several genres up its musical sleeve, with tunes from the isles and songs spanning a broad repertoire of Australian Folk, Celtic tunes, and a suitcase full of original songs written by the band members and former collaborators.

A long and successful career for the band is assured, and whilst the group has spent 2017 in and around its home town of Melbourne, recording their debut album ‘Rainmaker’ they fully intend expanding their performing circuit to include the rest of the Australian mainland and South east Asia with appearances planned for the Singapore Arts Festival and the Bangkok Music and Arts Festival 2018. Do not miss this group – The Exciting McGillicuddies!


MICK SLOCUM: button accordion, harmonica, percussion, harmony vocals, lead vocal on Valparaiso.

DAMIAN PECK: electric and acoustic guitars, bass, percussion, harmony vocals, lead vocal on Dog Star, Where do you Go?, Rainmaker, No Sunny Day and Mingulay Boat Song.

ELLY D’ARCY: violin, guitar, harmony vocals, lead vocal on Black is the Colour and The Sailing Song (Shore Bound, Lamenting).

ALESSANDRO ANDREW PARISE: hurdy gurdy (Malochet and Valparaiso).



DENIS CHARLES: bodhran, percussion.

Paul Van Ross: saxophones, flute, bass flute, piccolo.

Damien Ellis: drums





The Exciting!McGillicuddies will be regaling the deck at The Elwood Loungeat 8pm on Saturday 17 February. Come on down to enjoy the good company, the good food and the Exciting Music!


Due to the bad weather tonight's concert at the Elwood Lounge has been postponed. But no fear! A new concert will be scheduled in the very near future.


Just back from recording not one, not two but THREE videos. A huge thank you to the crew of the sailing schooner Enterprize and to our wonderful friends who sailed with us on this overcast day. Stay tuned for the upcoming videos!


The Exciting McGillicuddies are playing at the Blackwood Festival on Saturday at 10.30am. Can't wait to see you there!!!


The Exciting McGillicuddies announce their upcoming recording session on 21 October on the sailing schooner Enterprize. All welcome to be part of this historic event!


Just out from the studio... Closer and closer to the release of our new single. And it is a return to the Eighties... in Exciting!McGillicuddies style!



by the Exciting! McGillicuddies